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7 Cute and Easy Hairstyles with a Button-Up Beanie

Button-up beanies are the most versatile beanie on the market. Only with our unique and proprietary beanies can you pair fun updos and down styles with a beanie. It's always fun to spice things up with new ideas. Hopefully these ideas will start to get your wheels turning. And this is just the start for what we are cooking up over here.

What makes our beanies different is that you can style your hair first and then put the beanie on. That is most definitely not the case with other messy bun beanies that only have a hole at the top of the beanie. If you want a messy bun with one of those, you have to style it after you put the beanie on. So limiting and we aren't always thinking about whether or not we think we are going to want to wear a beanie today.

With our button-up beanies, style your hair first and then put the beanie on when you are ready. If you're running out the door and realize it's snowing, no worries! We've got you. Our beanies will go on in seconds with their revolutionary button fashion and function.

So without further ado we are sharing 7 hairstyles with you that are pretty darn foolproof and look super cute with curly or straight hair. You can't go wrong! 

Let's get to it. Here are 7 easy and super cute hairstyles to pair with a button-up beanie:

cream messy bun button-up beanie with pigtails and curly hair

#1: Pigtails. Need I say more? Pigtails are classic, easy, and fun. They also help keep your hair forward framing your face unlike a single low ponytail in the back. 

bubble braid pigtails with cream messy bun button-up beanie red sprite hats

2: Bubble Braid Pigtails. Take it up a notch with these super cute bubble braid pigtails. Make sure to pull out on your hair in between your elastics for extra volume and extra big bubbles. You can play around with the style with a lot of small bubbles spaced close together, or larger bubbles spaced further apart. Just do your best to space them the same on both sides ;).

curly hair down with cream messybun button-up beanie red sprite hats

3: Down in whatever style you have going on for the day. Curly, straight, wavy, crimped, you name it! One of the best features of our button-up beanies is that when your hair isn't in an updo, there aren't any remaining holes left at the top of the beanie. The buttons along the side go all the way up to the top, so when they are all closed together, it looks like a seamless fun design on the beanie.


curly high messy bun with cream button up beanie red sprite hats

4: High Messy Bun. Big, crazy, wild. Messy buns are a lady's bread and butter am I right? And the best part, you can put on a button-up beanie before or after you've put your hair up in a messy bun. Simply undo as many buttons as you need and slide the beanie on. Then you can redo any buttons that lead up to your messy bun so the beanie fits snuggly on your head. And because it up buttons right back up to your hairdo, you don't have to worry about any cold getting through to your head.

curly hair high bubble braid ponytail with cream messy bun button-up beanie red sprite hats

5: High Bubble Braid Ponytail. It's always fun to add a little something extra to your high ponytail and the bubble braid does just that. Again, you can play around with the size and spacing of the bubbles with these hairdo. Bubble braids only take a minute or two longer to add to your ponytail but they level up your hairdo. 

half-up high messy bun ponytail curly permed hair with cream button-up beanie red sprite hats

6: Half Up, High Messy Bun. Throw your hair half up and then put that into a messy bun. You can even leave it as a half up high ponytail for another look. Both are super cute. What's fun about this hairdo is that you get a little of the best of both worlds. You get extra height, keep the hair out of your face with pulling up those front pieces. But then you still get to show off your hair with what you keep down and also frame your hair around your face also. 

curly high ponytail with cream messy bun button up beanie red sprite hats

7: High Ponytail. Throw it up as high as you can go. Classic and simple but still eye popping. The button-up beanies adapt to your hair so you can't go wrong.

So, which hairstyle was your favorite from the list? If you try any of them out, we would absolutely love to see! Tag us on your favorite social media platform @redspritehats and use #redspritehats, or send us a message.


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